26 July, Berlin – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Something I’ve always liked the sound of in Berlin is the way they take empty warehouse spaces and turn them into nightclubs. What I never thought was that I’d end up filming one for a children’s television programme.

The Hipster Cup was quite a challenging event to get our heads round. Held in a huge disused brewery and its surrounding grounds on the edge of central Berlin, it’s a craft market/festival/rave/ironic sports day. It was the sports day bit we were interested in. Chris and I were to go up against each other in a skinny jeans tug of war, hipster glasses throwing contest and hessian shoulder sack race. All this was supposed to be a gentle mocking of the 21st Century cultural iconic that is The Hipster – basically the sort of people who move into a once depressed urban area and swan around trying to create fashions and increase property prices. Trying to define a Hipster is quite a hard thing to do, as by their very nature they’re constantly attempting to dodge definition and be one step ahead of any fashion that you or I might pick up on. But we had a crack at it before giving up and wandering around being silly.

With the baking hot sun, very little shade, surprisingly restrained partying Berliners and constantly thumping techno music, conditions weren’t quite what you’re used to when you’re trying to make kids TV, but I quite enjoyed the chaos of it all and was a little sad to leave the place – the party is carrying on till 6am, so they’re probably still at it now.

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