July 25

25 July, Hungary – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

Don’t get me wrong, I love working on ‘All Over The Place’, but today was one of those “here we go” days. As I left my hotel room I dwelled on the fact that I had hours of bus journeys, 2 items (including a song) and 4 costume and make up changes ahead of me, all in baking hot temperatures. Oh, and for 3 of my costume changes I would be dressed as a scantily clad Taylor Swift.

Our first stop was the August patisserie at the end of one of the tram lines. It’s famous for its Hungarian Kremes, which are sort of thick vanilla custard slices. The place is an institution and our pastry chef Norbert was very proud of their history, which stretches back 150 years (their first premises in the centre of town were destroyed in the First World War). While Barney learnt about the Kreme making process I marched around the kitchen bossing them around as my new character for this series, Rene Mangetout. Norbert was a good sport and didn’t even punch me when I covered his face in egg custard in a moment of improvisation!

After lunch in their gardens, consisting of the most pastry I’ve ever eaten in one sitting, we hit the road and made our way to our next location – Barefoot Park in the tiny village of Tabajd. It’s an 800m track through the woods and hills which is intended to be walked along in bare feet. At various points along the way there are different surfaces for you to experience, ranging from easy going sand to harder to negotiate pine cones and gravel. We were making our way around singing a song based on Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’, and I’d drawn the short straw of playing Taylor Swift in a range of costumes, the most horrific of all being a rather too accurate cheerleader costume.

The path is surprisingly popular and a steady flow of Hungarians passed us by along the way, all looking a bit confused as to what on earth was going on. As the hours ticked by a large thunderstorm started rolling in, but by some miracle it sat behind the nearest hill right up until our very last shot, at which point the heavens opened and we got a proper drenching complete with booming thunder.

The mayor of the village was so honoured that the BBC had graced their village with its presence that he invited us all into the village hall for homemade schnapps. A bit overwhelming after a 12 hour filming day!

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