25 August, Singapore – ‘All Over The Place – Asia, part 2’

We had a day off yesterday, and seeing as Singapore is mostly shopping malls, and it’s boiling hot when you expend energy walking outside here, I did as little as humanly possible. Of course, I knew we had today up our sleeve – a whistle stop tour round the sights of Singapore, filming links for our ‘Main Event’ compilation show.

Singapore is one of only three places in the world that are a city, a state and a country (the other 2 are Vatican City and Monaco). Seeing as it’s only half the size of London there are only so many attractions they can fit in, and having done a couple of them already we visited the cable car across the harbour from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island, Henderson Bridge (part of a 5km walking trail through the parks and built to look like a wave), threw ourselves down the ‘Mega Zip’ (the first ever 3 wire zip line where you can race your friends), where we skimmed the trees on the hillside and ended up over the water on Siloso Beach. Then after a quick bite of pizza it was back into the vans to the centre of town for a ride on a tri-shaw rickshaw and then we boarded an old fashioned “bum boat” for a short ride down the river, past the old town and into the financial district. There we disembarked and shot some stuff in front of the famous Mer-Lion fountain (a statue that is half lion, half fish. Because Singapore means “City of Lions” and it used to be a fishing village) then in the last of the remaining light we filmed our end shot of me chasing a van and a few bits and bobs by the river. Phew!

With that, our filming was done for the whole series. Another one in the bag. Our eighth. There was the usual cheering, group photos, pats on the back and anecdotes over dinner by the river, and with our flight not leaving till tomorrow night we can have a bit of decompression time before real life hits us in the face again when we get back home. My impressions of Singapore over the last few days have been that it is the cleanest and best run city I have ever encountered, with unrivalled shopping, eating and drinking opportunities, but it must feel a bit weird to be a citizen of what is basically a city, with no real countryside to speak of. It’s definitely worth a stop off and a look on the way to somewhere else, and you’ll have a relaxing and easy time – especially since the main language they speak is English. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to come back, especially with so much of the world left to see. ‘All Over The Place – Americas’ anyone?

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