22 May, Vietnam – ‘All Over The Place, Asia – part 2’

Goodbye Hanoi! Spent out last day in this city dressed as food travel vloggers sampling the delights of Hanoi street food. The weather was pretty hot and sticky, and by its nature street food is eaten and sold on the street, so we spent our time hopping in and out of our bus in constantly thronging alleys, getting quite sweaty. We’ve all got good at crossing the road here now, so none of us got mowed down by a moped, which was a distinct possibility when we first arrived a few days ago. By the end of the afternoon we’d eaten some really good food, although my favourite thing we sampled was probably egg coffee – literally coffee with an egg in it. Sounds horrible, but it’s all whipped up with sugar and is the nicest coffee based drink I’ve ever had (if quite filling).

The cafe erupted in applause when our director announced that it was a wrap for Ricky and, after a short bit of filming for me outside, that was that. We had some hours to kill before boarding our night flight back to the UK, so our cameraman Geraint and I found ourselves small plastic chairs outside one of Hanoi’s many small eating and drinking establishments and watched the world go by. We appeared to have picked towel street, where most of the shops sold towels, and no one sold a towel in the whole half hour we were there. Fingers crossed the towel vendors have a better day tomorrow.

Hanoi has to be one of the most vibrant cities I’ve ever visited. Every time you look up there’s a photograph of the crumbling colonial streets waiting to be taken, and all sorts of fascinating little corridors and courtyards leading to who knows where. It’s very much a living city, with whole families, including their small children, living in the shops and eating their dinners out on the pavement. I’ll miss it.

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