22 August, Singapore – ‘All Over The Place – Asia, part 2’

Today was my birthday, and what a fun one it was. Not that I expected it to be particularly exceptional considering we were spending all day filming an item about Changi Airport (allegedly the best airport in the world).

It all started fairly mundanely as we arrived at the airport and queued with the cleaners and other staff to get our day passes. Once we’d passed through into Terminal 3 departures Cel and I put on our costume for the day – pilots’ uniforms – and soon realised what a laugh this was going to be. The idea was that we wanted access all areas and had pinched the uniforms to see what extra perks pilots get, then realise that the airport has lots of great attractions accessible to everyone. Through the course of the day we certainly saw a lot of impressive things – a butterfly garden with a waterfall and 1,000 butterflies (not sure whose job it is to count them), a rooftop sunflower garden, a slide that descends 3 floors, complimentary cinemas and massage chairs… as airports go it really is fantastic.

But the most fun was getting to wander round the building waving at confused cabin crew and travellers. I mean, who gets to dress up as a pilot and do that? You’d probably be arrested normally. Cel and I spent half the day in hysterics and I was hard pushed to think of when I have enjoyed a filming day more. I would never have predicted it.

As we were packing the vans up to leave I was surprised with a large birthday cake and a rendition of “happy birthday”, and after a quick scrub up back at the hotel most of us went out for burgers and beers (a few of the crew have caught a weird 24 hour vomiting bug that has hit them over the last couple of days, so a little r&r was needed. Either that or Soundman Nat hates me). Anyway, happy birthday to me!

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