21 July, Denmark – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Chris and I were straight back on our tandem again today for more filming demonstrating what an incredible city Copenhagen is for cyclists. It boasts the busiest cycle lane in the world, along with lots of little things to make cyclists lives easier like foot rests to lean against at traffic lights and little ramps to take your bike down the stairs. I hadn’t ridden a tandem until yesterday but it’s surprisingly easy and it would have been quite romantic if I’d been gliding around in the Danish sunshine with my other half, rather than Chris Johnson, on the back. Not that it isn’t nice to be working with Chris again after our 6 months presenting live weekends on CBBC back in 2010.

We stopped off for some pastries in Denmark’s oldest pastry shop (did you know that Danish pastures actually originated from Austria?!) before breaking for lunch in the hold of a boat in Nyhavn Harbour, which was quite an experience. The captain appeared to be roaring drunk and entertained us with lots of sweaty banter before personally cooking us up a quite decent homemade meal (one of the benefits of having a local person on the crew in each country we film in is that you get taken to places you would never have sniffed out on your own).

Nyhavn was the starting point of our song about Hans Christian Anderson (he lived in 3 houses there over the course of his life), and how his children’s stories have unconventionally depressing endings. I was dressed up in full Victorian garb complete with top hat and Chris had to dress up as various embarrassing characters throughout the afternoon, my favourite of which was the Little Mermaid. Into the blazing sunshine and tourist crowds we went, gritting our teeth and trying to remain positive throughout – although I did quite enjoy surprising various boats of tourists as they sailed past on their Hans Christian Anderson tours only to see the man himself waving at them from a bridge.

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