20 June, China – ‘All Over The Place – Asia, part 2’

Our last filming day in China today, and what better way to round things off than a sculpture park. We love a sculpture park on ‘All Over The Place’, the weirder the better. This one was called the Jing’An Park, and skirts the area surrounding the Shanghai Natural History Museum. The exhibits change every 2 years and come from all over the world. The grounds are a nice mixture of lawns with water features, flower meadows, shady tree covered areas and a modern take on a traditional Chinese water garden. I had several costume changes in my glamorous makeshift dressing room – the disabled ramp leading to the toilets. I first started dressed as an estate agent, selling Bobby (who was dressed as a chicken) a house next door to a rather threatening looking fox sculpture. Then it was into my civvies for an interview with the park curator, Felix, and a look round a few of the other pieces. Then I finished off as Gameshow Man, sweat dribbling from underneath my wig, as humidity climbed due to yesterday’s rain evaporating in the sun.

All in all it was a very peaceful end to a hectic couple of weeks, with some of the most travelling we’ve done on this show since our long road trips through the USA and Australia. I think what I’ve learnt about China is that I feel very at home in their big cities, and a little more lost in the smaller towns and countryside, which seems to be struggling in places. Maybe that’s why their cities have such ridiculously large populations – everyone’s in search of the good life. And here in Shanghai it can be very good indeed. A buzzing, vibrant city that I would be happy to come back to one day.

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