Sept 19

19 September, Germany – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

I had no idea that Stuttgart is famous for its car industry and is also the home of the motorcar. Karl Benz unveiled the world’s first car in 1886 right here in this city, and today Michelle and my’s mission was to sing a song all about Stuttgart’s reputation for being a city full of petrol heads.

First we paid a trip to the Mercedes Benz museum and I got to drive a replica of the world’s first car. It’s a bit like a horse carriage, with a steering column in the middle and a lever to brake and accelerate. It’s actually quite good fun to drive and a bit nippier than I was expecting (although it doesn’t do very well up even quite mild slopes). Then we nipped inside to see the car itself and do a dance around their collection of classic racing cars.

Next up was Motorworld. If you like cars, it doesn’t get much better. You can stay in the Motorworld hotel in one of their car themed hotel rooms, where you even sleep in a bed made from bits of cars, and they have a huge collection of classic cars, stored there by rich owners who don’t want to risk keeping their pride and joy at home. Even though I have no real interest in cars at all you can’t help but be impressed with the millions of pounds worth of beautifully crafted metal around you, and I think there will be a lot of kids who feel the same way when they see it on the telly.

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