July 19

19 July, Slovakia – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

I’m loving Slovakia. So many trees! It must be what England and Scotland looked like before we cut them all down and turned them into ships and toilet roll and party hats. The hotel we arrived at last night is nestled at the bottom of a beautiful wooded valley beneath the famous “Dragon Cave”, and it was for this reason that we were up at the crack of dawn and climbing the side of the mountain.

Despite being 30 degrees plus outside, within a few moments of our guide leading us into the cave we were donning winter weather gear. This is because the temperature of the cave never gets above freezing. Once we’d descended a couple of metal staircases through some chambers resembling the Bat Cave we came upon a floor full of ice, with a couple of large ice stalagmites reaching up towards the ceiling. While Johny and I ploughed our way through the script all I could think about was getting back up outside where it was nice and warm (me and the cold don’t get on particularly well). Nice cave though, worth a look.

In the afternoon we found ourselves in the perverse situation of being too hot. We were recording a song about a thermal aqua-park known as ‘Tatralandia’ in the style of the LunchMoney Lewis song ‘Bills’, and unfortunately in the video he’s wearing a thick dressing gown. As hordes of people bustled around us in their swimming costumes queuing up for various water slides and shoots, Johny and I intruded on them with a very loud sound system pumping out the song as we bopped along trying not to collapse in a puddle of sweat. When I finally got to chuck myself down one of the slides it was quite a relief. The sacrifices we make for you viewers!

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