18 June, Sicily – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Woke up to find Mount Etna still smouldering away across the road and vaguely wondered if the reason our hotel was so empty was that everyone had fled for their lives. The staff seemed fairly relaxed though, in their own laid back Italian kind of way. Once we’d made a trip up the side of the mountain in our mini bus we were able to see plenty of tourists going up by cable car. Our safety was assured.

On the half hour drive up the mountain from here you make your way through massive lava flows from previous eruptions, and at one point we passed a half buried house, so Mount Etna clearly still has the capacity to be pretty destructive. Cloud had covered the top an hour or two after I got up, and as it lifted towards the end of our day off it became apparent that the fun was over. Where there had been a plume smoke drifting across the sky there was now just a regular mountaintop. Bit of a shame as we’re going to be filming an item about Mount Etna on Friday with our new presenter Victoria Cook. Still, at least I can bore people for years to come about the time I saw a volcano erupting…

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