18 August, France – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Our last day of filming for this block, and we didn’t half cram it in. Up at the crack of dawn to make our way to the exotic garden of Eze, a cactus garden built on top of yet another picturesque hilltop town. Seeing as I have some history with cacti BBC Scotland had flown out a little friend of mine – Oucho T Cactus. We shot a (what I hope will be) heart rending opening with the little fella, but you’ll have to watch the series in the new year to see how we involved him. Maybe it’ll be the last time we’re ever seen on camera together. *sniff*

Other activities included running round the garden with cactus expert Patrick showing us all his favourite cacti and a cactus themed game show. Then after a quick lunch by the garden we had to drive all the way to Cannes, dress up as can-can dancers and be filmed singing about doing the “can-can in Cannes”. Our bus driver was booked on a strict timetable and we couldn’t over run by a single minute so we frantically burnt our way round Cannes trying to pick up all the locations mentioned in the song, battling our way through iPhone wielding tourists who seemed to consider Johny and I in drag to be the highlight of their day. After lots of  wiping the sweat off our faces with our skirts and kicking our inflexible legs I think we got everything we needed. Our new director Graeme certainly earnt his spurs this block and I take my beret off to him.

I felt pretty wiped out as we relaxed on top of our runway-straddling hotel playing square boules on the roof until midnight. Looking forward to a week back home before we throw ourselves into the last few weeks, although I’ll miss Johny Pitts and our little chats. If the two of us were running the world we’d soon put everything to rights – although we would pass a law to ban tourists from taking photos of men dressed as can-can dancers when they’re trying to shoot music videos for children’s television.

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