17 May, Vietnam – ‘All Over The Place, Asia – part 2’

Having enjoyed a day off wandering round Hanoi and taking in the street life (and just about managing not to get run over – they don’t stop for anyone, EVER) we drove for 3 hours this morning past lots and lots of pretty bare looking agricultural land, then slightly more interesting craggy limestone hills, before finding ourselves in a national park, which was exactly what I imagined Vietnam would look like from all the war films I grew up with. Thankfully we had something much more cheery to be focusing on – a primate rescue centre.

Almost as soon as we’d arrived a keeper was introducing us to an adorable loris who’d had his hand chewed off by a dog, and within a few hours we’d cleaned out a baby gibbon cage and fed some of the little fellas too. All these primates are being hit hard by a double whammy of habitat loss and idiotic people trying to keep them as pets. Luckily all the ones we saw today are being nursed back to health and then will be released into the park in an attempt to stop them from going extinct. One group of monkeys we caught a glimpse of in the bush are the last 50 left in the world. Good luck guys!

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