16 July, France – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

The journey from Brittany to Paris took me by surprise a bit yesterday – 7 hours. You could drive from London to Edinburgh in that time. Then we were up at the crack of dawn this morning for the last item of this block with Michelle – a song all about Paris, in 1960s easy listening style, complete with Bry-Nylon costumes. A nylon polo neck isn’t what I’d normally choose to wear when it’s 30 degrees outside, but you have to suffer for your art.

Just about every conceivable Parisian cliche had been shoehorned into our little number and with our efficient bus driver William we’d soon visited the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre and Notre Dame. Scoffed down a suitably cliched lunch of croque monsieur and then finished things off at the Sacre Coeur. We got spotted a fair bit by CBBC fans along the way, which I guess means that there’s a higher percentage of British tourists round here than some of the other places we’ve been. Hello if any of you are reading this!

There were pats on the back all round and then we waved goodbye to Michelle, our researcher Dave and our director Neil, who’ve all done a cracking job over the last week and a half. The rest of us have a couple of days off and then it’s next stop Copenhagen!

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