Sept 14

14 September, Poland – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

The village of Zalipie could quite reasonably be described as being in the middle of nowhere. An hour and a half’s drive from Krakow, through flat Polish farmland, our sole reason for visiting was that a few hundred years ago people began decorating the outside (and inside) of their houses with garish paintings of flowers, apparently to try and disguise how dirty their dwellings got from soot.

It actually ended up taking us 2 and a half hours to get there as a chain link ferry couldn’t take our bus across the river due to low water levels as there’s been a drought. So as soon as we arrived Chris and I got dressed up as hippies to plough into our 60s Woodstock style song about there being “flowers everywhere”. I quite enjoyed hurling myself around like a blissed out flower child in front of the old thatched cottages, and at one point a bus load of French tourists turned up and destroyed the peace and quiet even more by taking photos of me and loudly pointing out to each other that I was “un hippy”.

We grabbed some lunch at a hotel (I had to refuse the hard boiled egg and sausage soup. I don’t care if it’s one of Poland’s national dishes. Hard boiled eggs taste of farts), and on our way to the next location we found ourself snarled up in roadworks and traffic jams. The TV gods were clearly messing with us today, but even though we eventually arrived at the Science Garden with a couple of hours before sunset, they can’t stop ‘All Over The Place’ that easily. We raced around the outdoor science installations ticking off items from the script and fitting in costume changes so that Chris and I could be transformed into Brian Cox and Copernicus for some skits that I think will actually be quite funny. Even the rain couldn’t stop us, and as we got our very last shots with dusk well and truly  set in we all felt incredibly pleased with ourselves. Go team AOTP!

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