14 August, Indonesia – ‘All Over The Place – Asia, part 2’

Woke up at 5.45am again with another big day ahead of us and a belly full of food from the night before. Turns out I LOVE Indonesian food. I can’t stop eating. I’ll have put on a stone in a week at this rate.

Our destination this morning was a Mepantigan mud ceremony enactment for tourists. It’s basically an excuse for people to get dressed up and throw each other around in a muddy paddy field, with a mish mash of island rituals thrown in. Just to make it even more weird Naomi and I were to both dress up as Ed Sheeran and sing a song about the place. Things got even weirder when we arrived and our fixer Ana tripped over on the bamboo bridge leading to the complex and knocked a large duck off the handrail, and things went up another notch when the teenagers employed to dress up appeared in their devilish wooden masks screaming and dancing. Naomi and I had to join in, dancing around in a circle and screaming, and after they’d somersaulted and thrown each other around in the watery mud in spectacular fashion Naomi and I did a bit of staged wrestling and then had real life ritual ducks placed on our heads. My one pooed on me, which is apparently “a blessing”.

After we hosed ourselves down we ate lunch on the hop sitting in a grove of palm trees and then hightailed it to the beach back at our base in Sanur where we shot a couple of bits and bobs for other items – an intro for an item about manta rays with Naomi dressed as a cockney geezer selling cleaning products (they get cleaned by smaller fish is the link there), then a sketch in the water dressed as surfer dudes, all about the damage plastic can do to marine life. It was a reasonably ambitious filming schedule, and as the last words tumbled out of our mouths and the sun set behind the trees there was the sense of a job well done, which made dinner by the sea right next to our filming location all the sweeter.

We leave Sanur tomorrow and make our way by boat to some of the smaller islands. It’s a great little place if you’re looking for a touristy holiday where you can turn your brain off and float about soaking up the sun. What with it being so far from home though I’m not sure I’ll ever find myself her again. You just have to look around you and try and commit it all to memory – not easy when you’re making this show!

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