Sept 13

13 September, Poland – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

The Dachshund is Poland’s favourite dog (although here they call them “Jamnik”, which I think is a much cooler name for the funny little sausage dogs). How much do the Poles like them? Well, enough to organise an annual parade with up to 300 dogs marching through Krakow that Chris and I attended today.

I went on Radio Krakow yesterday to ask if there were any dog owners who fancied lending me their dog for the day, and luckily we had some responses and I ended up with a lovely 10 year old Dachshund called Sonia, who likes to be carried around in a leather handbag, and was sporting a mortar board (apparently she has a PHD in Meat Appreciation, although I’m sceptical). Chris meanwhile was teamed up with Caramel, who was dressed up as a Mexican. Standard.

The parade began around the time of the fall of Communism and is held on the same day that people used to be forced onto the streets to “celebrate” the Communist regime. Once Chris and I got to the square in front of the famous Cloth Hall there was quite a sizeable crowd all trying to grab selfies with the ridiculously attired dogs, and up on stage judges were deciding who to award the prize for “dog most like its owner” to. We were also blessed with the presence of Dodge the dog, who was filming a CBBC Extra “behind the scenes” film involving him falling in love with a particularly attractive Dachshund.

Once that was done they’d very kindly set up a special event just for Chris and me, where we had to get our dog to sit, walk and run back to us on command. In my opinion my dog trounced Chris on every front and I was well and truly robbed when the judges awarded him 1st place, but even I couldn’t get too competitive about the whole thing considering I hadn’t even me Sonia a few hours before. Sonia didn’t seem too bothered anyway…

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