Sept 12

12 September, Poland – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

This is our 2nd trip to Poland this series, but our first with a talking dog.

The CBBC dogs, Hacker and Dodge, appeared in ‘All Over The Place’ for the first time last year in our studio sketches, but this series Dodge has come to join us for a couple of days here in Krakow, mostly to shoot a couple of compilation show links for the end of the series. Also along for the ride is Chris Johnson, who we last saw at the start of the series in Iceland. How long ago that seems now…

Normally it takes us a whole day to film one show’s worth of links, but today we had been set the task of shooting double that amount, so we hit the streets early, starting off down by the river. The theme of script is that the Big Big Cheese has sent Dodge out to Poland for us to show him around, and in between looking at the sights we link to songs from this year’s show. As we worked our way round the city visiting the castle, cathedral, famous statues and other landmarks I began to see that Krakow is a beautiful place, a bit like a less touristy Prague.

Obviously, having a talking dog with you attracts a fair amount of attention, so we found tourists taking even more of an interest in us than usual, and it really became a race against time to get everything done. I was thinking that we might just make it, but a spanner was thrown into the works when a scene where Dodge boards a tram was stuffed up by the trams coming to a grinding halt due to some sort of far right march. As excuses go for not getting something shot it was a pretty good one, and we had to cut our losses, move it to another day and carry on to our last location – Kosciusko Mound.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s named after a Polish hero from 1820 and is a huge grassy mound made up of earth from all over Poland. It has a fortified wall all around the bottom of it and a spiralling path up the side. From the top is an amazing view of Krakow, and it was there that we got our last link in just as the sun went down. Phew!

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