June 12

12 June, Czech Republic – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

Song morning this morning – a cracking one all about the legends of Prague. I was dressed as a “terrifying” ghost tour guide in top hat and gothic attire, while Vic was dressed as John Newman because the song is a parody of ‘Love Me Again’. Quite standard for ‘All Over The Place’.

It was a gloriously sunny day and as we ticked off various tourist spots round the city like the statue of the iron knight and the astronomical clock, legions of click happy tourists stopped to fill their cameras with shots of us going about our business. I worked out that this is the 93rd song I’ve recorded for BBC Scotland, so I’ve reached a stage where you can dress me up as just about anything, let me loose on the general public and I barely even notice I’m attracting any attention. Useful for this show, but not exactly what you’d call a transferable skill…

After a delicious lunch of chicken schnitzel in one of the many dingy Czech bars that seem to populate every corner we made our way to a park on an island in the middle of the river to learn the eccentric sport of Woodkopf.

With only 100 players in the country it’s not exactly taking the world by a storm. The aim of the game is to balance a plank of wood on your head and then try and knock your opponent’s plank off their head without using your hands. It was invented over 10 years ago by a bunch of Czech actors who were on holiday with each other, one of whom had a crazy connection with me. He approached halfway through filming to tell me that he had dubbed over my voice in Czech when ‘Ed & Oucho’s Excellent Inventions’ was shown on Czech TV! I hugged him like a long lost friend and was then slightly surprised when he demonstrated the voice he chose to use when impersonating me – an incredibly high pitched and whiny one. Thanks mate.

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