12 August, Belgium – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

When I last came to Brussels 6 years ago I made sure I paid a visit to the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, as I’ve always been a big fan of this style of drawing and it inspired me to acquire the skill of cartoon drawing (well, more doodling in my case). So I was pleased to be returning to film it today. When we turned up I was quite shocked to see how little of it I remembered. The collection of famous Belgian artwork and memorabilia from the likes of Tintin to The Smurfs is housed in a beautiful old art nouveau warehouse that I’d completely erased from my memory. I suppose I have seen and done a lot of stuff round the world since then…

I was dressed as Tintin for the morning and Johny drew the short straw and was donned up as Captain Haddock, who we nicknamed ‘Captain Tragic’ off camera, due to the fact that he looked like someone who was a bit down on their luck and had wandered in off the street. We shot lots of nice stuff of us running round the museum discovering Belgian characters unknown in the UK, before sitting down with a comic book artist and having a go at drawing some of our own. ‘Tutu Man’ and ‘Captain Rubber Ring’ will be coming to your screens sometime in 2015.

In the afternoon we continued the comic book theme with the demob happy approach of a crew who know they have 2 days off coming their way. Dotted around Brussels are 53 wall murals that celebrate classic Belgian comic book characters and really liven the streets up. Johny and I dressed up as Sam Smith for our ‘Murals On The Wall’ song (in the style of ‘Money On My Mind’) and pulled our best ‘I’m a serious artist’ faces while dodging occasional rainstorms and camera bombing tourists. Here’s a tip for you – if you want to sneak your way onto the telly, just stand in the background and look nonchalant. If you jump around waving like a loon we’re just going to film it again once you’ve gone and talk about what an annoying wally you were!

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