11 September, Italy – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Today I saw Rome in a day. In fact, there can’t be many people who have done such a ridiculously whistle stop tour. In case you think you have, I’ll list all the things we saw in 12 hours – The Aventine Keyhole, The Mouth of Truth, The Colossus of Constantine, The Orange Garden, Trajan’s Column, The Pantheon, The Spanish Steps, The Colosseum and several viewpoints across the city. Boom.

The reason for all this running around was that we were filming the links for what will be our final episode – the end of series song compilation. The theme this year is that Iain and I have only 30 minutes to look round the whole of Rome, and by the end of today I felt like we had. I think my highlight was the Pantheon. It’s one of the largest unsupported concrete domes in the world and was built by the Emperor Hadrian 2000 years ago. Once we’d filmed outside I popped inside to have a look and couldn’t believe the scale of it. The fact that it has stood there for two millennia and still as the ability to shock people with its scale is quite incredible.

We managed to shoot everything we needed despite the constant thunderstorms that plagued us all day, so we headed out for our last dinner in Rome feeling quite pleased with ourselves. Although I suppose we should be quite good at this by now – it is our fifth series!

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