June 11

11 June, Czech Republic – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

Another castle today, far from our base in Prague. The last official resident to live in Castle Bitov was a German man going by the name of Baron Hass. I think it’s fair to put the baron in the category of “aristocratic eccentrics”, as he had a pet Lion and over 70 stuffed dogs. It was the dogs we were there to see. The lion is long gone.

The poor old Baron killed himself after the war when the Russians deported all the Germans from Czechoslovakia, but his dogs live on forever. He loved them a great deal and had them stuffed in their favourite position once they had gone to the big dog kennel in the sky. They’re all displayed sitting on the floor of a room at the top of the castle, and we got to pet them (with gloves on to protect our hands from the poisonous mummifying chemicals) and then act out scenes from the Baron’s life in the grounds below (with Vic dressed as an adorable looking lion).

We don’t often film just one item a day, so I had a lovely time working in the sunshine not having to worry about tearing off to the next location. Unfortunately a massive traffic jam on the way back to Prague meant we didn’t get in to our hotel until 9pm. Gave me plenty of time to learn the song for tomorrow though! These things don’t learn themselves you know…

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