11 June, Croatia – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Set off this morning along the beautifully rocky Croatian coastline to the old hilltop town of Buzet to shoot a picturesque opening to today’s item on truffle hunting, then headed to a restaurant were a chef provided us with a blindfold taste test to see if truffles really do improve the flavour of food. As far as I was concerned, there was no doubt – they do. Unfortunately Naomi got her forks muddled up and thought they didn’t and it was too late to reshoot it by the time she’d realised what she’d done. Now CBBC viewers up and down the land will think I’m much more of a connoisseur. Ha ha!

To round things off we went truffle hunting in the woods with 2 dogs worth up to 6,000 Euros due to their incredible sniffing skills. In no time at all they’d dug up 8 truffles worth around 40 Euros, which have to be prised from their mouth before they eat them. This is the reason that most truffle hunters have now switched to dogs – pigs tend to be a bit more keen to carry on eating and you can lose your fingers!

This was our last shoot for a couple of days and it’s now our ‘weekend’. We’ve been put up in a resort on the coast near the town of Pula, just in time for the big opening world cup game tomorrow – Brazil v Croatia. Should be fun!

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