10 August, Germany – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Health and Safety is a bit of a dirty phrase in the UK. There’s nothing a Jeremy Clarkson type likes to rant about more than “Health and Safety gone mad”, due to the fact that they’re no longer allowed to let off live ammunition in their office or something. So it felt like a bit of a culture clash that the Germans have built a museum of ‘Health and Safety’, and even stranger that families turn up to have a look round on a Sunday.

The DASA Working World Exhibition looks like a 1980s leisure centre from the outside, but it harbours all sorts of boys toys within, like a fully working flight simulator, a robotic arm, a Victorian steam loom and a digger that you can climb inside and start digging up the ground with.

Johny and I shot a sketch in the flight simulator first, with me playing an over officious health and safety officer who is interfering as Johny tries to fly his plane. We then met the director of the museum (who sportingly donned a hard hat for us) before we both dressed up as Steve Backshall and uncovered the top 3 deadliest work place accidents, whilst flexing our muscles and hoping that Steve Backshall doesn’t mind us sending him up like this. He’s quite big and knows how to handle himself.

This was our last location in Germany and we were all quite sad to say goodbye. It’s a cracking country that I’ve never had a chance to explore before. The people we’ve met have been friendly without being in your face, and the Germans like to live up to the stereotype when it comes to striving for excellence, with spotless streets and well functioning facilities. They can keep their currywurst sausages though.

Our 3 hour trip to Belgium wasn’t very enjoyable for our director Graeme and AFM Dom, whose car window jammed so that they had to drive down the autobahn with a flapping towel covering the gap, but we were quite pleased to see that our hotel in Brussels is right in the centre of town with lots of things on our doorstep. Two busy days ahead of us though before we get to explore any of it.

By the way, I forgot to take any photos today, so instead, here’s a picture of my cat in a box.

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